Selectboard Minutes, 09.25.2023

Monday, September 25, 2023, 6:30 p.m., 236 School Road, Guilford, VT

SELECTBOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Zon Eastes (chair), Verandah Porche, Tara Cheney (via Zoom), Michael Becker

STAFF/OFFICIALS PRESENT: Erika Elder (Town Administrator) Sheila Morse (Assistant Town Administrator, via zoom) Dan Zumbruski (Highway Commissioner)

PRESENT IN PERSON: Peter Kelliher (BCTV), Richard G. Austin (Guilford Historical Society), Linda Lembke, Steve Lembke, Carrie Nelson, Rick Zamore, Mark Ewen & Sheryl Ewen, Connie Burton

PRESENT via ZOOM: Kyle Parker, Whitney Lynde, Lyle Howe, Pat Haine, Judy Freed, Sheila Adams, Jason Herron, Patty Carpenter

Draft Minutes

  1. Call to Order 6:30 pm
  1. Rules of Procedure (2 minutes)
  1. Welcoming of Public     Community Comment Period (10 minutes)
    Linda Lembke, Conservation Commission: Cemm attended a regional conservation meeting, got lots of resources. Natural Resource Inventory almost ready to go live on website. Programming being planned. Grateful to have a long-standing Conservation Commission in Guilford. 
    Verandah: Yom Kippur message: Yom Kippur is about connection and community, being together better. Chooses to be here instead of services, because the Selectboard is about that, as well. Hopes we can do our work tonight in that spirit.
  1. Changes to Agenda Order (none)
  1. Approval of Minutes
    1. Minutes of the regular meeting of 09.11.23
      MOTION: Michael moved and Verandah seconded to approve the minutes.
      Vote was by roll call, all were in favor, no one opposed, no one abstained. Motion passed.
  1. Updates and Reports
    1. Town Administrator (5 minutes)
      Erika: Surprise marriage at Town Office; Sand Bids, Potash Road Order of Discontinuance, working with Guilford Central School as location for Oct. 16 Hearing.
    2. Highway Commissioner (5 minutes)
      Fall Grading, culverts, leaf blowing, paving this week, getting prices for new grader, preparing for winter.
    3. Historical Society (10 minutes)
      Richard Austin: Society holding work meetings Wednesdays, and cleaning. Carpenter schoolhouse event was full, I-91 event, Lucy Prince historical marker event, and one room schoolhouse event at BBCC were maxed out. Museum is open Saturday mornings until weather gets too cold. Society maintains the brick one room schoolhouse. Meeting House vestibule is usable; getting quotes for repair work. How can the Meeting House fit into the village? Working with State Archivist and Conservation Commission, exploring stone walls & cellar holes. Would like to involve Guilford Central School. Museum has rotting boards, a tree touching building, and some windows need repair. Working on accessibility, electricity.
  1. Old Business
    1. Conflict of Interest, proposed amendment (5 minutes; DISCUSSION, possible ACTION: Motion)
      Tara: Replace Article 3: Application: This policy applies to all public officers as well as members of public bodies defined in Article 4 sections E&G; Reword Article 13 to read: Annually, public officers and  members of all public bodies shall sign the policy and complete the statement. sign, additionally complete statement, attachment B (to be created); Conflict of Interest reference quick chart, also signed. Discussion of chart and of actions described to take if conflict arises.
      MOTION: Tara moved, Zon seconded to amend COI policy as detailed.
      Discussion: Michael: Signing and filling out statement is redundant. Proposes all public officers sign the only policy. Proposes striking the language about questionnaire. Tara: Statement only applies to Selectboard. Discussion about Commission members signing disclosures. Statement form to be created. Zon: options are tabling until attachment B is created,  or strike the language per Michael’s suggestion. Tara chooses to table the discussion. Tara rescinds the motion.
    2. Potash Road Order of Discontinuance
      Erika: The Selectboard chose, after deliberating at a regular meeting, to discontinue Potash Road, this Order has been prepared in accordance with statute and will be filed in Town Land Records.
      MOTION: Zon moved and Michael seconded to accept the Order of Discontinuance.
      Mark Ewen: I don’t know how you made this decision. We aren’t getting fair treatment.
      Vote was by roll call, Tara abstained, all others were in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.
    3. October 16 Public Hearing on Capital Plan
      Discussion: Zon: Categories of Inventory; many items in each category. Needs are anticipated, costs are estimated, assigned to fiscal years. Capital Fund is not the only source of funds for Capital projects. Reported at the end of every fiscal year. Town Report can be upgraded, how we report on assets. Verandah:Reporting should add momentum. Tammy Sargent: Where is the last Capital Plan? Sheila: Tammy is asking for Annual Capital Report
  1. New Business
    1. Winter Sand Bids
      Three bids: Danny recommends accepting Zaluzny’s bid. Use depends on winter weather. If there’s budget left over, sand is purchased to store. Right now the shed is full.
      MOTION: Zon moved to go with Zaluzny. Michael seconded.
      Sheila: reminds selectboard to reference budget status report.
      Vote was by roll call, all were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.
    2. Winter Salt
      Discussion: Budgeted item, state bid. Cargill is the vendor for this year.
    3. Finance Advisory Committee
      Discussion: Zon: Selectboard can set the number of Committee members, currently at 7. Do we want to continue with the Committee or change the size? Verandah: It is a useful Committee. It was established because of past errors. Erika: One position currently vacant, one current member doesn’t wish to continue.
      Sheila: Committee did meet through COVID, Gordon and Sheila have years of Town finance experience. Grateful. Recommends more than 3. Encourages people to volunteer. Tammy Sargent willing to serve on the Committee.
      Michael moved to downsize the Committee to five members. and Zon seconded. Discussion: Zon: Selectboard sets minimum membership. Verandah: Might a ceiling on membership be a deterrent? Sheila: May not want an upper limit. Michael rescinds motion.
    4. Liquor License – Vermont Mobile Spirits LLC (2 minutes; ACTION: Motion)
      Erika: Application to cater an event at Viking Village on Sept. 30. MOTION: Zon moved, Verandah seconded to approve the liquor license. Vote was by roll call, all were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.
    5. Town Office door project
      Erika: Treasurer’s office needs a door. GPI was the only contractor to provide a quote for this job. Funds from General Reserve, or, as Elly suggested, possibility of  drawing from Delinquent Tax Collector Fees.
      MOTION: Verandah moved Zon seconded to authorize the door project. Michael abstained as he is an employee of GPI Construction. He has no ownership stake in the company. Zon: Doesn’t think there’s a conflict of interest here, but thanks Michael for his caution.
      Vote was by roll call, all were in favor, none opposed, Michael abstained. Motion passed.
  1.  Finance  (5 minutes; ACTION: Motion)
    1. Warrants    
Payroll – WE 09.17.23$7,509.90
Payroll – WE 09.24.23$6,742.98
Expense Warrant #2406$37,512.91

MOTION: Tara moved and Zon seconded to pay the Warrants.
Vote was by roll call, all were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.

  1. Other Business
    Zon: Due to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the next Selectboard meeting is on October 11, 2023.
  1. Correspondence
    Erika: Bee Barn Road Traffic: Scott Hatfield concerned about new traffic on Bee Barn Road as result of the new park, Has spoken to the Church with no result. Tara: Is there signage? Dan: No signs currently, it’s a 100’ road.

  2. Executive Session to discuss personnel issues per 1 V.S.A. § 313 (a)(3) to discuss the appointment or employment or evaluation of a public officer or employee.
    MOTION: Zon moved to enter Executive Session. Micheal seconded.
    Vote was by roll call, all were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.
    Executive session entered at 8:12.
    MOTION: Zon moved to exit Executive Session at 8:26, Tara seconded
    Vote was by roll call, all were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed. Executive Session ended with no action taken.
  1. Actions from Previous Meeting
    1. Approved minutes
    2. Tabled Conflict of Interest amendment discussion
    3. Approved additional Selectboard member added to correspondence with Town Attorney
    4. Appointed Tara to be added to correspondence with Town Attorney, Rusty as alternate
    5. Approved Potash Discontinuation
    6. Approved Oct 16 Public Meeting on Capital Improvement Plan/Asset Management Plan
    7. Authorized terms of Lease for radio equipment
    8. Approved warrants
  1. Action Taken
    1. Approved minutes of 9.22.23
    2. Tabled Conflict of Interest amendment discussion
    3. Accepted Potash Road Discontinuance Order
    4. Approved sand bid
    5. Tabled Finance Advisory Committee discussion
    6. Approved Liquor License for Vermont Mobile Spirits LLC
    7. Approved Town Office Door project
    8. Approved Warrants
    9. Executive Session
  1. Actions to be Taken
    Conflict of Interest All attachments will be ready,  Add space for Community Comment
  1. Adjournment
    MOTION: Michael moved to adjourn, Verandah seconded. Vote was by roll call, all were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

Meeting Video:

Next meeting is Wednesday, October 11, 2023