VT-Alert Notification Service

Sign up to receive personalized alerts via phone, SMS message (carrier rates may apply), or email about emergencies that affect you and your loved ones. Please note: This service was recently upgraded and improved. If you previously registered, prior to December 2017, you must register again to continue receiving updates.

  • This is a FREE service (carrier rates may apply for SMS messages, but the state service is free)
  • Alerts are relevant and localized (based on input addresses)
  • Reliable information from state and federal agencies and local first-responders

FREE and easy online sign-up in less than 5 minutes: (click on image for link)

  • Choose your delivery method (voice call, SMS, email, all of the above)
  • Enter your frequent locations (ex: home, work, school, family)
  • Select the alerts you wish to receive:
    • Life-threatening emergencies
    • Severe weather
    • Traffic conditions
    • Public health notifications
    • Amber Alerts and missing persons