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ARPA-FAC-PC Draft Minutes 08.03.2022

Joint Planning Commission, Finance, and ARPA Advisory Committee 
August 3, 2022   6:30 PM


Present:  Via Zoom  – Verandah Porche, Mike Szostak, Dan Killay, Rick Zamore, Charles Light, Michael Becker

Present: In person: Zon Eastes, Julie Holland, Sheila Morse, Jaime Durham, Patty Carpenter, Jeannette Tokarz

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:34 by Jeannette.
  2. Approval of minutes of 7.6.22 meeting:  Jamie moved and Julie seconded that the minutes be accepted as written. The vote was unanimous.
  3. Zon made introductory remarks to the effect that the purpose of convening these three groups is organic, reflecting the impressive funding opportunities that are and will be available to the Town. Thus, it makes sense to ask each of the committees and the Planning Commission to work together as opposed to in silos, not at cross purposes or duplicating efforts. Regardless, the work of one group is not subsumed to another.
  4. Update from ARPA Committee
    1. Approved a 3-phase process for moving forward
      1. Information gathering – collecting ideas for how residents want to spend ARPA dollars
      2. On  August 24, the committee will look at ideas and group them into 4-5 broad categories, and survey town residents.
      3.  On 9/7 the committee will convene again to tighten up the categories and design and public survey – adopting Newfane’s model
      4. Mid October – survey results will be collated and analyzed and a report will be prepared with recommendations to SB by November 30th.
  5. Role of Finance Advisory Committee will look at the survey results, consider the other opportunities for funding within the context of priorities outlined in the VCRD report, the current Town Plan, Legislative funding opportunities, etc. The goal will be to maximize the return on opportunities  within the context of town budget (without increasing the tax burden). Mike Szostak advocated for us to use some of the funds for a strategic planning consultant to help us create a strategic plan for Guilford.
  6. Update from PC Committee
    1. Jeannette has communicated with Windham Regional Commission regarding hiring a consultant, perhaps with ARPA dollars. 
  7. Review of Smart Growth Principles and Community Development Priorities
    1. Principles cover 10 precepts of VT values, including mixed use development next to pre-existing corridors, wastewater, etc. So, when thinking about funds, we may want to adhere to these principles, using them as a structure for planning. VCRD report doesn’t give a big picture perspective for the community. Use the principles to help frame the questions in developing and analyzing survey results.
    2. Ask SB to look at the Smart Growth principles. 
    3. At the last PC meeting, members agreed to use this process to facilitate a robust strategic planning process.
  8. Next Steps
    1. observe ARPA Advisory Committee meeting – 
    2. Zon and Jamie will create a description of the committee’s plans to share with residents via various outlets..
    3. Zon reminded participants that the Selectboard is authorized to determine and act on a range of options to determine the best use of funds even, with or without the ARPA Adv committee recommendations.
  9. Julie moved and Sheila seconded that we adjourn. Vote was unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 7:19.