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The Guilford Conservation Commission is an official Selectboard-appointed commission dedicated to disseminating information about our natural resources and recommending ways to preserve them for future generations.

Our mission is to “serve the Guilford community to identify, inventory, foster education about, and help protect Guilford’s natural, scenic, recreational, historic, educational, cultural, architectural, agricultural, and archaeological resources for the public good. The commission shall help residents and town officials recognize the value of these resources and administer them for the benefit of future generations.”

Conservation Commission Resources

The Conservation Commission meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Town Office. Members of the public are welcome.

Conservation Commissioners serve staggered 3-year terms and are appointed by the Selectboard.  The Conservation Commission may make an inventory and conduct studies of the town’s natural resources, including air, surface waters, and ground waters; soils and their capabilities; mineral and other earth resources; streams, lakes, ponds, wetlands and floodplains; unique or fragile biologic sites; scenic and recreational resources; plant and animal life; prime agricultural and forest land; and other open lands.  The Conservation Commission may administer municipal lands acquired to protect one of the above attributes.  The Conservation Commission may also advise the Selectboard and the Planning Commission.

Important recent projects and activities include:

  • Working with Guilford’s Selectboard and road crew to inventory ash trees on Guilford’s town roads and properties
  • Working with naturalist Patti Smith and Guilford landowners on a town-wide inventory of natural resources that will serve as a baseline for future planning
  • Learning to use iNaturalist to record observations of plants and animals in Guilford
  • Working with the Planning Commission on the Natural Resource sections of the Town Plan
  • Planning and leading monthly nature walks for seniors with Guilford Cares
  • Working with the Recreation Commission on trail development in Guilford
  • Developing and maintaining the Carriage Trail in Andrew Weeks Memorial Forest
  • Supporting the work of the Green River Watershed Alliance and the Windham Connectivity Collaborative
  • Participating in bi-annual meetings of regional conservation commissions and groups
  • Identifying and managing invasive plants
  • Researching ancient roads and rights-of-way for the Town Highway map
Linda Hecker, Chair2022
Susan Bonthron2023
Bevan Quinn 2021
Stephen Sosznyski2022
Karen Murphy, Secretary2022
Linda Lembke2022
Marli Rabinowitz2021
Anne Montgomery
William Jewell, Vice Chair
James Young, Emeritus
Michael Becker, Selectboard Liaison