Community Values Mapping Announcement

The Guilford Conservation and Planning Commissions are working together on a community mapping project and are inviting Guilford residents to participate.

The project, called Community Values Mapping, was developed by Vermont Fish & Wildlife and asks the question: What are the places you love in your town? Participants work together to map these places and discuss the reasons they value them.

Because of Covid restrictions, we are organizing three safe ways that Guilford residents can participate:

  1. March 9 from 6-8pm 

Join an online community forum to map and discuss places you value with other town residents. Registration is required. Click here to register.

  1. March 10-24

Map sites online on your own time at this self-directed website: www.sevtcommunityvaluesmapping.com

  1. March 10-24

Visit the Playscape on Carpenter Road to map sites on a large paper map hanging on the kiosk.

You can learn more about Community Values Mapping at www.sevtcommunityvaluesmapping.com

Your participation will help our commissions better understand the places people value in Guilford as we work through the town planning process.


Full link for registration