Public Hearing Minutes, 03.23.2023

PUBLIC HEARING Thursday, 3.23.23, 6:30 p.m.


Present in person: Zon Eastes, Michael Becker, By Zoom: Verandah Porche, Tara Cheney

  1. Call to Order 6:30 pm – Zon
  2. Recognition of Public: Jeannette Tokarz
  3. Rules of Procedure
  4. Changes to Agenda Order – NONE
  5. New Business

Public Hearing to review and adopt the final version of Town of Guilford’s Town Plan,
2022-2030 which was adopted by the Planning Commission on 12.27.22.

Amendments include 1) incorporation of a paragraph in the History section that
discusses the history of Lucy and Abijah Prince in Guilford 2) inclusion of explanatory
language regarding the tax abatement process in the Land Use section 3) removal of the
sentence indicating that Guilford would undertake a sewer feasibility study, replacing it
with language that wastewater and water management systems would be explored in the
Land Use section  4) updated information indicating that Guilford’s Local Hazard
Mitigation Plan has been approved by the State of Vermont. 

Additionally, all of the maps contained within the Town Plan have been updated with new
maps when available. Finally, the Town Plan has been edited to include the Town’s new
website address. 

Zon: Selectboard will adopt the Town Plan at 3.37 meeting

MOTION to Adjourn by Michael, Verandah seconded, Vote was by roll call, all were in
favor, none opposed, none abstained, Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:37 p.m..