Town Plan Approved by Planning Commission

The Guilford Town Plan 2022-2030 was approved by the Planning Commission on April 4, 2022. It has now been forwarded to the Selectboard, who must hold a public hearing on the plan before adopting it.

The version below is the Plan, as it currently stands in draft form, as approved by the Planning Commission following a final public hearing on March 28. The Plan was approved with permission to make certain edits. Those are included here.

Now, the Draft Plan will receive a Selectboard-hosted public hearing on Wed. May 4, 6:30 p.m. The Draft Plan can still receive suggestions for non-substantive changes until April 19 (it is essentially ‘frozen’ for 15 days prior to the final public hearing). Please mail all suggestions or ideas to Jeannette Tokarz, chair of the Planning Commission, and Zon Eastes, chair of the Selectboard..

Suggestions and questions can be presented at the May 4 meeting. Then, the Selectboard will review final suggestions and ultimately adopt the Guilford Town Plan. It then goes to the Windham Regional Commission for formal approval by the state.